Holl’a Archive Page 1

BIL=before intelligent life AIL=after intelligent life

The beginning of this universe started roughly 11 billion BIL(according to the Holl’a archive)  years ago. The first few billion years consisted of basic life and tribal groups. The universe was still quite small and only a couple hundred planets had life. One of the planets called “Noctrin’a” hosted life that would eventually evolve into the Holl’a.

Many of the tribal groups were eventually wiped out due to wars and natural cause like suns forming into super giants, quasars etc. But there was a species called the Holl that were ancient ancestors of the Holl’a. There isn’t much documentation on the tribes and the species of the other planets that had life and have been forgotten in time like many things.

The Holl’s planet Noctrin’a is a cloudy water like planet. The inner core of the planet was embedded with helium and would leak out which would rise to surface and added to the rest that was in the air, which consisted of 65% helium, 20% hydrogen, 12% Oxygen and 3% other gasses.  The oceans were also very bubbly in result of the helium rising to the surface. The Holl thrived off hydrogen, and they obtained this by evolving to obtain it through water. The Planet was sparsely populated with different species, mainly consisting of small worm like creatures that were the Holl’s common ancestor.

The other species was mainly bacteria type of life and small creatures that lives in water caves etc. Because there was little to no competition to survive, the Holl began to value intelligence over strength. The Holl did not have any gender and so they could be attracted to any one of their kind. The more intelligent a Holl was, the more attractive it was to another Holl. Through this process, the species formed small tribes and small cities throughout Noctrin’a.

By this time they have already discovered electricity which they generated through the helium bubbles that would try to rise to the surface. As they became more advanced, the small tribes would annex each other peacefully. They could do this because all of the Holl were not very different from each other and could communicate through psychic energy which is very effective in understanding each other. By the year 1,671 BIL, the Holl unified themselves and all started calling themselves “The Holl’a”. Before this each tribe/faction had their own names and culture but now they were unified as one species.

In the year 133 BIL the Holl’a invented spacecraft that could reach other planets.The Holl’a at this time were tentacle-like creatures, and they were still very weak so they invented robotical/mechanical shells so they could travel to other planets safely. When this technology was widespread, and the Holl’a started exploring, a new age dawned and all the years after this would be “AIL.” Also at this time all the other species were too busy fighting on their home worlds to develop space tech.

-Documented at The Holl’a Main Archive- English translation*

Written & edited by Thomas Anderson


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