Holl’a Archive Page 2

The Lore

For Holl’a to reproduce, there has to be 3 Holl’a that all are attracted to each other. After this happens, They all wrap their tentacles together and sync their psychic energy. The environment has to be in deep ocean water(at least 600-700 meters deep, preferably 800 meters). This process of syncing their psychic energy takes 5 to 8 years. Once they are in sync, they will form a fertilized egg that takes 3 years to be fully constructed. After the egg is constructed, the Holl’a can unwrap their tentacles and leave the egg to grow on it’s own.

The eggs are often placed in caves to sit for 30-50 years to hatch.  The longer it takes, the more intelligent the Holl’a is. The Holl’a eggs have evolved to become very resistant to cave collisions usually caused by the planet’s core shifting every 6-13 years. The eggs can resist up to…

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