Holl’a Archive Page 2

For Holl’a to reproduce, there has to be 3 Holl’a that all are attracted to each other. After this happens, They all wrap their tentacles together and sync their psychic energy. The environment has to be in deep ocean water(at least 600-700 meters deep, preferably 800 meters). This process of syncing their psychic energy takes 5 to 8 years. Once they are in sync, they will form a fertilized egg that takes 3 years to be fully constructed. After the egg is constructed, the Holl’a can unwrap their tentacles and leave the egg to grow on it’s own.

The eggs are often placed in caves to sit for 30-50 years to hatch.  The longer it takes, the more intelligent the Holl’a is. The Holl’a eggs have evolved to become very resistant to cave collisions usually caused by the planet’s core shifting every 6-13 years. The eggs can resist up to three tons of pressure.The average height of a Holl’a egg is 3 meters in height and 2.5 meters in width. If the egg is placed in a cave, it will have an easier time harvesting the cave wall moss for their food.  

Right after hatching the Holl’a are three inches tall and about one inch wide.

Almost all of its height is due to its tentacles. It’s early childhood consists of swimming around observing its surroundings, this continues for 10-12 years. At this time the Holl’a will be 8 inches in height and 2 inches in width. It is also at this time when the Holl’a will begin to leave its cave and explore the world of Noctrin’a. After about 30-36 years of exploring, they will allowed to enter the cities. At this time the Holl’a are 3 meters in height and 2 feet in width.

The Holl’a will spend 85-102 years growing to its maximum physicality. The Holl’a will have to wait 700-719 years before it will be allowed to travel space. It can take up to 280,000 years for a Holl’a to grow to its full potential mentally. The Holl’a’s lifespan before they discovered advanced genetics one was 300,000-320,000 years. In the time of the great war they could live up to 46 million years. An adult size Holl’a is 10 meters in length, 9 of the 10 meters consists of its tentacles.

The head is just under 1 meter in length and the Holl’a has 12 tentacles. When a Holl’a becomes an adult it is standard for them to get a mechanical shell to protect themselves from the dangers of space and even their own cities. A common hobby Holl’as like to do in the years 256 AIL to 2,800,500,450 AIL is observing and documenting other species of different worlds. Because of this influx of information, they founded the great archive on Noctrin’a’s moon “Okjoon” in the year 632 AIL.

The Holl’a would use lasers that would burn into hollo trays that they would store in “tray holders” or “Haje’s”. They would then go to The Great Archive to get their information revised and then stored. Over time The Great Archive became the best, most famous and biggest data storage in the universe.

-Documented at The Holl’a Main Archive- English translation*

Written and edited by Thomas Anderson


2 thoughts on “Holl’a Archive Page 2

  1. I liked reading about how the Holl’a and how they are born and grow and form. Please write more. I want to learn more about the life of the Holl’a.


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